Connecticut magician to entertain American troops overseas again

I am both proud and humbled to announce that I’ve been invited to entertain the American troops overseas once again.

My first tour for the troops was just six months ago. That trip took me to a handful of Naval bases in Spain and Italy for the “Month of the Military Child.” While those shows were designed for the entire family, this upcoming tour is specifically designed for the troops. As such these shows will be very similar in content to my corporate event and college campus performances.

Due to safety concerns I cannot reveal the specific dates or locations until after I return. However, I intend to document the entire trip and the live performances with photos and videos, which I will be thrilled to share with everyone upon my return.

The troops – sailors, soldiers, air force, and marines – and their families make such a tremendous sacrifice so that people like me have the right and freedom to do things like be a professional magician. It is both an honor and a privilege to give back in the only way that I know how: with a evening full of magic, laughter, and wonder.

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Check out the video compilation from this past April’s tour:

Brian Miller Navy Tour 2016 Promo
I’m so excited to announce that I have been invited to spend 10 days in Europe entertaining the sailors, soldiers, and their families on a handful of Naval Bases. It’s been a dream of mine to perform for the troops ever since I learned about the possibility back in college. These families do so much for us, it’s simply an honor to bring some magic and laughter to them.
I also look forward to speaking with and learning about the perspectives of the sailors, soldiers and their families stationed on base. Every time I meet new people with experiences drastically different from my own, it is a chance to expand my own worldview. I am always searching for new perspectives to incorporate into the presentations I give as a keynote speaker at corporate events, and motivational speaker at high schools and colleges.
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Brian Miller US Navy Tour 2016

Magician Brian Miller delivered a TEDx talk entitled, “How to Magically Connect with Anyone” at a conference in Connecticut on June 1, 2015.



Description: Magicians have mastered the art of understanding different perspectives in order to create illusions and connect with the audience. Brian Miller explains how he used that skill to create magic for a blind man. Then he shares how you can use the same technique to make better, more meaningful connections with people in your life, personally and professionally.


Brian is a corporate, private event, and college campus entertainer and keynote speaker. He performs at 250+ events per year nationwide. Contact us here to inquire about rates and availability for your event.

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Corporate Magician Brian Miller to Speak at TEDx Conference in Connecticut


Nationally acclaimed magician and keynote speaker Brian Miller has been invited to speak at an upcoming TEDx conference in Manchester, CT.

Miller, a resident of Connecticut, has spent the past 10 years entertaining thousands of audiences from coast to coast. He has been recognized twice as one of America’s “Best Small Venue Performers” (Campus Activities Magazine, 2013, 2014).

TEDx organizer Parag Joshi has invited Brian to speak at the upcoming conference held at Manchester High School on June 1st, 2015. Joshi first heard about Brian from Summit Studios Performing Arts Center, a popular local venue where Miller spent years teaching the art of magic to students of all ages.

The 2015 TEDxManchesterHighSchool conference theme is Illusion vs Reality. Brian will be speaking about “how to magically connect with anyone.” His talk will explain and demonstrate how magicians master the art of understanding different perspectives in order to create illusions and connect with the audience. He will share how he learned to use this technique in his life outside of magic to create better, more meaningful connections personally and professionally, and how you can too.

Although the conference is limited to 100 seats (and most have already sold), the talk will be uploaded to YouTube and accessible to a global audience. Connect with Brian at the links below to be notified when the video goes live.

Companies, academic institutions, and museums all enlist Brian’s services as a keynote speaker. Miller’s dynamic speaking engagements combine live magic demonstrations, audience interaction, traditional lecture material, and open Q&A sections. He has been invited to speak to many different fields, including: marketing/sales, psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy.

The TED organization, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, invites the world’s most fascinating thinkers to deliver the talk of their lives in 18 minutes or less. They have become the global standard for speaking engagements and have billions of views on YouTube.

TEDx is an independently organized event that is self-regulated under the guidelines, values, and traditions of the TED brand. TEDxManchesterHighSchool brings the TED experience to the youth community.

Connect with Brian Miller

Conference info: