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Did you know that saying “thank you” has magical properties?

Brian Miller Magic Thanksgiving Thank You header

Gratitude is much more important than we realize. It goes way beyond “social politeness.” Studies suggest that being grateful can improve well-being, physical health, can strengthen social relationships, produce positive emotional states and help us cope with stressful times in our lives.

Source: PsychCentral.com
So this Thanksgiving, be sure to say thank you to your loved ones, colleagues, bosses, and clients. Our world is truly a shared experience.
I have so many things to be thankful for this year. 2015 has been the best year of my life, personally and professionally.
Personally: As many of you know, I got engaged just before the start of the new year, and have spent most of this year helping Lindsey plan our wedding. We couldn’t be happier, and we can’t wait to start our new life as a married couple.
Professionally: I was invited to speak at TEDx, resulting in a huge boost to my career. That talk opened up motivational speaking opportunities for high school and college students. It is an honor to be given the chance to share my message and magic with others. www.BrianMillerSpeaks.com
Business is better this year than it has ever been before. For that, I owe a HUGE thank you to YOU. I am so grateful for your continued support of my work. You are the reason I am able to support a family while doing something I love. I look forward to our continued relationship in 2016 and beyond.
With love,

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Do More with Less - Dilbert

“Why don’t entertainers list their prices?”

You want to impress and delight your guests, but you’re on a budget, and the budget is always less than it should be. So you think, I’ll head to Google and see what it costs to hire a magician, or a DJ, or a Bill Clinton impersonator (don’t laugh – I know a guy).


Much to your frustration, not one entertainer lists his/her prices on the website. What gives?


Entertainers don’t list prices on our websites because our rates are flexible and depend on a variety of factors. Some of these factors are:


Type of service – Generally speaking, strolling magic is less expensive than a stage show, due to less overhead, equipment, time to set up, etc.


Day of the week – Friday/Saturday are generally more expensive than weekdays, due to demand.


Time of the day – Evenings are generally more expensive that mornings/afternoons, due to demand (except in the case of children’s entertainment).


Time of the year – Depending on the market, different months are busier than others, and therefore more expensive. You should expect December rates to be at least 20% higher than other times due to the influx of holiday parties.


The type of event also greatly affects the price, i.e. corporate events cost 10-20x that of kids birthday party shows.


Here are sample rates for professional magicians:


Private Events: $300-800

This includes local bar mitzvahs, weddings, adult birthdays, house parties, etc.


Small Companies: $500-1500

Locally owned businesses that host employee appreciation days, holiday parties, etc.


Corporate Events: $1500-5000

Again, there is a huge range depending on many factors, including travel cost and time.



The Real Value of Hiring a Professional

The service industry is littered with amateurs, weekend warriors, and semi-pros. Doubly so for the entertainment industry. Many of these people are passionate and, in fact, many of them are very talented. Some of the finest magicians who have ever lived were not full time professionals.


But there is a huge difference between a great magician and a professional event entertainer.


Professional entertainers provide value to their clients way beyond hiring a magician, or a DJ, or an impersonator. You are getting years, and sometimes decades, of experience in event situations. Professional entertainers improve your event in ways that you will never even know.


EXAMPLE 1: The Approach

As a strolling magician, approaching a group of people is a honed skill that requires finesse. More importantly, there are always a few people at any event who would prefer to be left alone. The pro has developed a fine-tuned sense of who not to approach.


EXAMPLE 2: Appropriate Material

Every audience laughs at different kinds of things. A professional will read the room and tailor his humor to your guests’ particular dispositions.


EXAMPLE 3: Control

As an audience, it’s very uncomfortable to watch a show where the performer isn’t sure of what he’s doing, or where he’s going. Professionals are polished and confident. They guide the audience from beginning to end, taking complete control of the room and giving everyone an amazing experience.


EXAMPLE 4: The Unexpected

Something usually goes wrong at an event. Whether it’s on or off stage, professionals are ready for anything, because they’ve seen it all before.



In Conclusion

As consumers we often get hung up on price. I check Amazon before buying my new tablet at Best Buy, because they might have a lower price. Why should I pay more if I don’t have to?


The difference is this: in the above ‘tablet’ scenario, you are getting the same thing for a lower price. That’s how it works with physical products. But entertainers provide a service, not a product. When you hire an amateur, you get a lesser service for a lower price.


Before you book an inexpensive entertainer, ask yourself this: is it really worth the savings if you end up with someone who doesn’t have the experience to deliver an amazing performance to your guests?


In that way, it can be much more expensive to hire an amateur.


Brian Miller HeadshotAbout the Author: Brian Miller is a full time private & corporate event entertainer. He combines world class magic with laugh-out-loud humor into a show that your guests will rave about for days if not weeks on end. His TEDx talk is one of the most popular of all time. With over a decade of shows for thousands of audiences in 25 states, Brian has the experience and winning personality to make your event a huge success. Call 716.982.9510 or use this contact form to get a free, no obligation quote and event consultation.

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Thumbtack 2015 Award web v2.1


Local Magician Awarded “Best of 2015” and Named #1 Entertainer in Hartford

Magician Brian Miller has received the “Best of 2015” award from Thumbtack.com and named #1 Entertainer in Hartford. The award is given to local professionals who are consistently rated the highest by their clients.


Thumbtack.com connects people with local professionals for any type of project, and allows customers to leave public reviews. Brian’s profile boasts nothing but perfect five-star reviews, securing this award. Here are some excerpts from recent public reviews:


“The hit of the bat mitzvah!!! He is not only truly talented but professional. Brian was early to our venue (which I appreciate) and ready to perform.”
–Shira A.


“Brian is exceptional in every regard! Truly gifted, talented, charming, amazing sense of humor, intelligent and wonderfully down to earth, Brian is the whole package and an absolute delight to work with!!!
-Kathy W.


“Witty, skillful, and best of all very engaged with his audience in a genuine way. Highly recommended for both informal and formal events.”
-John H.

Brian’s magic has been a staple of Connecticut events since he relocated to the state in 2010. His regular clients include Yale University, The Wadsworth Atheneum, the Litchfield Jazz Festival, and many of the state’s prestigious boarding schools and universities, as well as hundreds of companies, corporations, and private events.


“It’s wonderful to be recognized for the work I’ve been doing in Connecticut these past five years,” says Miller. “I just want my clients to rest easy once they hire me, and simply enjoy their event. Too often the host spends the entire evening worried about his/her vendors instead of relaxing. When you hire seasoned professionals – whether it’s the DJ, the catering, or the magician – you relieve a lot of event planning stress.”


Brian offers stage shows, stand-up shows, and strolling entertainment. As a result he is versatile enough to work in nearly any event conditions.


Upon moving to Connecticut in 2010, Brian made a connection with Pam Paydos, owner of The Iron Frog Tavern, a local favorite in Simsbury. For four years Brian entertained her restaurant patrons every Saturday night at the tables and behind the bar. His visible presence at this popular venue led to private event bookings all over the state, and effectively re-launched his career.


Mr. Miller has since appeared on FOX CT and ABC 8, and in The Hartford Courant, Simsbury Life, Manchester Life, The Valley Press, and other media outlets.


Brian is also regularly flown in to events throughout the United States. He is a two-time nominee for “America’s Best Performer” by Campus Activities Magazine. He has performed in over 25 states across the country.


He is currently accepting event inquiries for this holiday season, December 2015 and January 2016. Visit www.BrianMillerMagic.com for more information and videos.