Corporate Speaker Brian Miller

Topics: Connecting with others, Perspective taking, Effective communication

Corporate speaker Brian Miller with Rubik's Cube 2016Corporate speaker Brian Miller delivers dynamic, engaging, and insightful presentations that will motivate your audience to connect with each other and their clients.

Brian helps people learn to understand perspectives other than their own. This skill leads to more meaningful connections with people, which in turns creates better work environments and greater business relationships with clients.

Not just another talking head, Brian combines live magic demonstrations, laugh-out-loud stories, and audience interaction into a unique presentation that your audience will both remember and implement.

Brian's TEDx talk: 2 million views!


Keynote Address

Title: "Connect with Anyone... As if by Magic"
Length: 20-75 minutes
Interest: Customer service, communication, leadership, general motivation

Description: Brian's internationally acclaimed core presentation about "perspective taking" and how to build meaningful connections with people, personally and professionally. He uses his background as an entertainer to captivate and engage the audience, while delivering actionable takeaways. All speeches include his powerful E.A.R.S., a method for active listening that your audience will immediately put to use.

Breakout Session: "The Magic of Teamwork"

Length: 45-60 minutes
Interest: Teamwork, communication

Description: Stories from Brian's career in entertainment about what makes teams successful, and what makes them fail. Effective communication is the core of all successful teams, and it's all about how something is said, rather than what is said.

Breakout Session: "From a Magician's Point of View"

Length: 45-60 minutes
Interest: General motivation

Description: A light and fun breakout session where the audience is separated into groups who will each learn to perform one magic trick. Brian works hands-on with each group to teach lessons about how magicians literally take on other perspectives, visually and emotionally, in order to create wonder. Attendees leave with knowledge of a simple magic trick or brain teaser to share with coworkers, clients, friends and family, and also a better hands-on understanding of how "perspective taking" works.

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Playlist of Video Reviews

"Brian truly worked his magic in the hearts and minds of all who attended."

Christina Barrera, President, Utah Correctional Association

"A Tour de Force. Brian's masterful highly recommended for any audience which needs to enhance its ability to make others feel understood and validated - and isn't that just about everyone?"

Barbara Rinaldi, Director of Human Resources, United Way of CT

"You wowed our eyes with your magic and our brains with your keen insights. An innovative approach to museum education. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"

David Rau, Director of Education, Florence Griswold Museum


"There's a faction here that maintains you have actual superpowers. We can't wait to have you back at Yale!"

Dr. Zoe Chance, Yale University


"You are an amazing performer and speaker. One of the best TEDx talks I've ever seen!"

Jeremey Donovan, International Best Selling Author, "How to Deliver a TED Talk"


"Thank you for your inspiring speech. We loved it!"

Anna Gottschalg, Organizational Development, Trivago