On this Memorial Day 2017, I want to dedicate a short video to the dreamers, and those who defend the dreamers. This is for you and me, the American troops, and their families.

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This is for the dreamers, and those who defend the dreamers.

In April of 2017 I embarked on a 16 day journey across Asia, performing magic shows for the American troops and their families stationed on military bases.

Entertainers take time out of our calendars to give back to the men, women, and families who sacrifice so much for our country.

It’s also a terrific way to see the world.

I ate sushi in Japan, barbecue in Korea, and who knows what in Singapore.

[Nelson] “It’s called ‘roti prata’.”

Along the way I visited awe-inspiring sights, like Shuri Castle in Okinawa, the tail end of cherry blossom season in Mainland Japan, the Merlion Statue in Singapore, and the Marine Park in South Korea, where I caught a sunset from the top of Solar Tower.

Oh, and I did some magic shows too.

This was my third tour with Navy Entertainment, having previously gone to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

But this time felt different. You see, all of the American military bases in this part of the world exist for one reason.

[North Korea]

And just days before the start of my tour, the American media went into a frenzy about the very serious potential for World War III.

[Vice President Pence] “We hope to achieve this objective through peaceful means, but all options are on the table.”

[Brian]: “So I’m in South Korea. All I can say is, we’re doing a magic show on base tomorrow.”

[Disney mirror]: “You’re as pretty as a princess.”

When I was 22 years old, a starving artist, and desperately trying to make it as a magician, I opened up a fortune cookie that read:

“Ride your ambition to the skies.”

That fortune remained taped to my desk for years, until I was successful enough to afford a nice, new desk, and threw it away by accident.

If I could go back in time and tell my struggling 22 year old self:

“Don’t worry, it’s all going to work out. Look what you’re going to achieve!”

I wouldn’t.

Because your experiences define who you are.

To my 22 year old self, I instead say,

“Don’t waste your energy trying to avoid failure.

Ride your ambition to the skies.”

So thank you to the American troops for buying me a ticket.

[Brian]: “Yeah! Thanks for showing me that!”

[Kid]: “I’m going to be famous in the year 2030.”

[Brian]: “What are you going to be famous for?”

[Kid]: “Um… movies.”

[Brian]: “Movies?! High five!”


Movie inspired by Casey Neistat.

Tour organized by Navy Entertainment.
Facilitated by Neon Entertainment.

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Danny Mackey
Neon Entertainment

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No drugs or nuclear weapons allowed

Here are the eight video blog [vlog] installments from my 2017 military tour across Asia for Navy Entertainment. Consider subscribing to my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/brianmillermagic and never miss an upload.

Show #1: Yokosuka, Japan

Show #2: Atsugi, Japan

Show #3 & #4: Tokyo & Nagasaki, Japan

Show #5: Okinawa, Japan

Show #6: South Korea

Show #7: Singapore

Bonus: 11 hour layover in Seoul

Shows #8 & 9: Guam

Magician Brian Miller Navy Tour 2017 post banner

Hey everyone!

I just wrapped my third tour for the American troops stationed overseas on Naval bases. April 2016 brought me to Europe. November 2016 brought me to the Middle East and Africa.

This April 2017 I navigated four countries across Asia: Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Guam.

The tour, once again organized by Navy Entertainment and facilitated by my agency Neon Entertainment, was a terrific success. April is the Month of the Military Child, dedicated to honoring and recognized the kids of military families.

Consisting of 9 shows and spanning nearly three weeks, I started the tour in mainland Japan at Yokosuka (pronounced Ya-koh-skah). From there I went to Atsugi, and then Tokyo. The cherry blossoms were still in bloom, and they were incredible.

Yokosuka, Japan
Cherry blossoms in Yokosuka - Magician Brian Miller

Atsugi, Japan
Airplane and cherry blossoms in Atsugi - Magician Brian Miller

Tokyo, Japan
Cherry blossoms in Tokyo - Magician Brian Miller

From Tokyo I flew to Nagasaki for a quick 22 hour appearance and a show, which happened to be on Easter Sunday.

Nagasaki, Japan
Evening water in Nagasaki - Magician Brian Miller

The next day I flew to Okinawa, which is, for many people, the homeland of Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid. Sadly, none of The Karate Kid movies were actually filmed there.

Okinawa, Japan
Incredible tree in Okinawa - Magician Brian Miller

Show No. 6 took place in Korea and, yes, I was there right in the middle of all the major international conflict reported by the American media. It was definitely a bit tense, and the magic show was much appreciated by all.

South Korea
Marina at sunset in South Korea - Magician Brian Miller

On to Singapore for the 7th show, another stop with less than 24 hours to spare. The only outdoor show of the tour, it was about a million degrees and very humid. I managed through it and received rave reviews the following day.

Merlion statue in Singapore - Magician Brian Miller

From there I flew a very long way to Guam for the final two shows of the tour and, in spite of the fact that in rained the entire time, enjoyed the island.

Palm trees in Guam - Magician Brian Miller

See more photos by connecting with me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/bmillermagic or using @bmillermagic

You can follow the entire tour via my YouTube vlogs, which are found at www.youtube.com/brianmillermagic.

The playlist below contains the entire tour in order, in case you feel like watching all 8 videos back-to-back as a documentary.

It was a truly incredible experience full of awesome locations, wonderful people, and terrific shows for the most appreciative audiences anywhere in the world. Thank you to the American troops and their families for their sacrifice and service to our country.

With love,


Connecticut magician Brian Miller featured in documentary The Get-Together

* * * Skip to the video * * *

It has been an incredible year at Brian Miller Magic, largely thanks to all of your continued support. There have been many exciting adventures including my first tour for the American troops overseas, my TEDx talk hitting 2 million views, and most importantly: getting married to the love of my life!

In the midst of all of that, however, something less flashy but no less cool has occurred: I’ve been prominently featured in a brand new documentary about the legendary Abbott’s Get Together magic convention.

The Get-Together

Filmmaker Anthony Gagnon’s “The Get-Together” is a passion project that he wanted to make ever since he was a young boy who used to take the annual journey to Colon, Michigan: the Magic Capital of the World (seriously, that’s the town’s legal title).

Colon, MI The Magic Capital of the World

Abbott's Get Together 2015 poster Connecticut magician Brian MillerAugust 2015 was the 78th consecutive Abbott’s Get Together and I had the great pleasure of having been invited to be a featured performer at the convention. It is always an honor to be a magician that magicians want to see. I’ve performed at a variety of local and regional magic conventions over the years, but never one of this prestige.

I keep using the word “legendary” to describe this convention, and it’s not hyperbole. The convention was founded by Harry Blackstone, Sr. in 1934. Nearly major name in magic has performed at the convention over the years, including David Copperfield.

The tiny town of Colon, MI has only 1000 residents, and the population literally doubles once a year for five days during the Get Together, as magicians from all over the world descend upon it. The locals love it, contrary to what I would have believed. The whole town eagerly awaits the convention every year for the excitement and the wonder of 1000 magicians in a place so small that it literally has only one stoplight.

Colon, MI Abbott's Get Togther store front with wizard

As fate would have it, 2015 was the year Anthony chose to fly back from LA with a single camera and one camera operator in order to capture a gritty, realistic documentary about this incredible gathering of like-minded, often strange, people that we call magicians.

You can watch the trailer and purchase the documentary here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/thegettogethermovie/

The filmmakers have graciously given me permission to cut my 6 minute featured piece out of the documentary and present it to my clients and fans. So here it is. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. That’s even me on one of the promotional posters!


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Hey everyone!

I’m excited to announce that MAGIC Magazine published a transcript of my TEDx talk in article format for the November issue. Now I’ve been in two of the major magic publications!

Brian Miller Magic Magazine


Get a hard or digital copy: http://www.magicmagazine.com/2015/november/contents.html


If you haven’t seen the talk yet, here it is:



Bonus point: It is now the most popular TEDx talk ever delivered by a magician, and in the top 0.5% most popular TEDx talks *ever given*. It’s all thanks to you guys who watched and shared it with your friends and family. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


With love,