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Bar mitzvah magician Brian Miller - Connecticut and New York
It’s the biggest day of your kid’s life so far. You’re trying to throw the very best celebration you can! But it’s hard to find the right options for both your budget and your guests.
One of the most common problems at mitzvahs is that the kids get bored 20 minutes into cocktail hour, and the adults spend the entire night desperately making awkward small talk. Social magic, or what we call “strolling entertainment,” solves both of those problems in one fell swoop.
Brian Miller is one of the premier Connecticut and New York bar mitzvah entertainers. As a bar mitzvah magician he provides entertainment solutions that make your life EASY, and give your event that final kick into AMAZING.
Your guests – kids and adults – will gasp, laugh, and love every minute with Brian.
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Mitzvah magician Brian Miller strolling magicWHAT IS IT?
By far the most popular choice at mitzvahs. Brian mingles with your guests, performing close-up magic with cards, coins, rings, and borrowed objects. The magic happens inches from people and is completely interactive.
Strolling magic is the perfect solution for providing entertainment to everyone without stopping the flow of the event. Mitzvahs typically have many important moments like the candle lighting, speeches, and slideshows. When one of these occurs, Brian stops what he is doing and disappears (so to speak) until the party resumes, at which point he continues entertaining.

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Stand-Up Show

Mitzvah magician Brian Miller stand up showWHAT IS IT?
Your guests take a seat and Brian takes over with a combination of magic, comedy, and mind reading. It is completely interactive and 100% clean – nobody is made fun of, and nobody gets offended. Length: 20-60 min.

This is the act that made Brian an international star, bringing him to 25 states and 5 countries for thousands of audiences, and earning him two nominations for “America’s Best Small Venue Performer.”
A stand-up show does stop the event, of course. Therefore, you should consider this option if your child and guests are not the “dance party” type, who would rather sit and be entertained than be constantly moving and making small talk throughout the night.